Scarf Knitting Pattern
Designed by Urszula Szwabowicz from Poland this is a quick knitting scarf project that can be completed in two skeins of yarn.

There is a PDF and printer friendly version of the knitting pattern, both are easy to follow and produce this bold manly scarf.

View the pattern at  Detective Men's Knitted Scarf

Difficulty : Easy
Register : No
Photo Credit : Urszula Szwabowicz

Easy Scarf Pattern
Suitable for beginner's the Lucinda scarf is designed by Lauren Fréhel, the easy lace pattern is available as a free PDF download from

The finished scarf when completed will roll in on itself naturally, giving it added interest.

View the pattern at Lucinda Knitted Scarf

Difficulty : Easy
Register : No
Photo Credit : Lauren Fréhel

Scarf Knittting Pattern
This is the perfect hat and cowl set knit with
beautifully shaded yarn.

The hat is roomy, and since the cowl is reversible you don't have to be sure just one side is showing.

View the pattern at Slouchy hat and scarf pattern

Difficulty : Easy - ish
Register : No
Photo Credit :

These mittens/gloves are designed to be knitted in a close bonding, dense yarn that will make them as warm as weathertight as possible.

They are a reasonably complex knitting pattern but not beyond the scope of most knitters, concentration will be needed.

Designed to be tight fitting the ribbed pattern gives the necessary stretch to remain comfortable.

View the pattern at Borough Glove Pattern

Difficulty : Easy - ish
Register : No
Photo Credit : wonderliza

Scarf and Hat Knitting Pattern
This hat and scarf knitting pattern is available for free from the official Lionbrand website.

It is necessary to register to be eligible to print or download the pattern.

This is a fairly easy scarf pattern and lionbrand give links to the yarn used to produce the hat and scarf set photographed.

View the pattern at Dockland Hat and Scarf Pattern

Difficulty : Easy (level 2)
Register : Yes
Photo Credit : Lionbrand

Circular Scarf
A great example of what can be created by using simple stockinette stitches to give interest and texture to an easy knitting pattern.

Perfect for beginners as all your stitches are visible and repetition is the order of the day.

View the pattern at Textured Scarf Pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : No
Photo Credit : Tracing Threads

These slightly sad looking owl amigurumi toys make a nice knitted gift.

The pattern itself is featured in the excellent KnitWit: 20 Projects for Beginners and Seasoned Knitters book.

View the pattern at Owl Amigurumi Pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : No
Photo Credit : Katie Boyette

Copyright of and Krentu
If you love the look of bulky yarn at the yarn store but have been stuck for a project, this bulky beanie hat pattern would be a great choice.

This is a simple knitting pattern which can be created quickly even by beginners and the slouchy look of this hat suits any age.

View the pattern at Bulky Beanie Pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : No