Large Knitted Scarf Pattern
Simple ripple shaped free scarf pattern, this can be knitted quite quickly and makes quite a statement.

View the pattern at ripple super scarf pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : Yes, easy and painless.
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Knittted Hat Pattern
A fantastic looking masculine slouchy hat pattern from Shireen Nadir, the pattern is easy because most men like a simple unfussy hat.

Shireen has created a nice base pattern that she says can be adapted by using self striping yarn or using different style stockinette sections.
View the pattern at the man slouch hat pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : No.
Photo Credit : Shireen Nadir

Men's Scarf Pattern
A straight forward knitted scarf that is suitable for men and women.

Created using two balls of yarn the black bear scarfie is worked in one piece in a super easy stitch pattern.

View the pattern at black bear scarf pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : Yes, free and easy.
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Interesting Scarf knitting Pattern
It seems amazing that a scarf this distinctive and striking can still be knitted by a beginner, but it can!

This free pattern can be downloaded from the excellent lionbrand website, although you have to register first.

The only negative to this pattern is the amount of yarn required, six balls of yarn were used to create the scarf in the photo.

View the pattern at artemis super scarf pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : Yes, free and easy.
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An easy knitted cowl pattern from This pattern can be easily adjusted to any length to suit your needs.

The open style of this cowl makes an attractive lightweight cowl.

View the pattern at alcea cowl pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : No
Photo Credit :

Knitted Easy Scarf Pattern
This pattern was inspired by a Wilson Alwyn Bentley photograph of a spiders web covered in morning dew.

The Dewey scarf pattern was created was created by Vickie Howell and is an easy scarf pattern that can be made from just one skein of yarn.

Instructions are basic but should be easy enough to follow.

As well as free knitting patterns there are also jewelry and beading, plus needlework projects on the blog.

View the pattern at dewey scarf pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : No
Photo Credit :, pattern by Vickie Howell

Owl knitting pattern
A lovely looking wise old owl that is perfect for a doorstop or just as a cute toy.

The free PDF knitting pattern has very detailed instructions but there is obviously making up involved with this project.

View the pattern at Owl Doorstop pattern

Difficulty : Medium
Register : No
Photo Credit :, pattern by Sara Thornett

Simple Eyelet Cowl knitting Pattern
Sophisticated looking cowl pattern that is not to difficult.
Full instructions are given on the website alongside a large number of photographs.

There are quite a few free knitting patterns to view on the site.

View the pattern at Simple Cowl pattern

Difficulty : Easy
Register : No
Photo Credit :  Gretchen Tracy